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Andreas W. Rathgeber
University of Augsburg, Germany
Stefan Stöckl
ICN Business School, France
Tobias Gaugler
University of Augsburg Germany



The track (sub-theme) tries to improve the understanding of sustainable management and finance/investment theory and practice by providing a venue for oral paper presentations and corresponding in-depth discussion.

The sub-theme “Sustainable management and sustainable finance” deals with the fundamentals both of corporate sustainability and finance. Amongst others the following topics are covered: corporate environmental performance vs. corporate financial performance, cost benefit analysis, energy markets and innovation, environmental risk management, the environmental, social, developmental and governance issues that affect capital/financial markets, project finance, micro-finance, sustainable investing and economic growth, financing the green economy, financing natural infrastructure and (global) environmental markets. In addition, the track also focuses on the use of financial instruments (e.g. emission trading) in order to protect the environment and to ensure a sustainable development. The use of sustainable principles has become a major movement in general management and also in finance. Investment institutions all over the world are more and more required to disclose how environmental, developmental, social and governance factors are used in their portfolio construction. Initiatives/guidelines such as the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment amongst others, all suggest and emphasize a necessary shift of institutional thinking.


corporate sustainability; corporate finance; ecological economics; environmental economics; environmental markets; financial instruments; sustainable development;  sustainable finance; sustainable management; sustainable financing/investing


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