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Florian Rustler
creaffective, Munich, Germany
Caroline Pakel
to the heart ltd, High Wycombe, UK
Alun Hughes
to the heart ltd, High Wycombe, UK
Andy Bradley
Frameworks for change, West Sussex, UK


To explore the ways in which traditional views and appreciation of ‘power’ no longer act as true in managing change today and how new paradigms are taking their place: self-organisation, deep listening practices, collaborative sharing, collective intelligence, co-creation, emergent design,  social enterprising.


The world is rapidly changing, especially with the advent and impact of climate change. And we cannot stop change or predict how it is going to develop.

We need new ways of understanding what the world needs from us to ensure a sustainable future for the next generations. The desires for individual profit, success and power are no longer sustainable. Instead, there is the need to re-connect to purpose and to a collective flow of meaning. It is no longer about ‘me’ but about ‘us’.

This requires a considerable shift in mindset and perspective for individuals, communities and organisations. It values the concepts of compassionate activism, of conscious business or exchanges; and that of ‘service’ to something that is greater than our self. It also implies the adoption of new organising principles and approaches in organisations and institutions to collectively create sustainable solutions to the challenges ahead – changing the way we are together, removing power structures that no longer serve the needs for growth and sustainability, changing the way we listen to one another, the way we share, dealing with uncertainty in the present, trusting nature to guide us in our search for solutions and prototyping relentlessly until positive changes emerge.

The proposed sessions will be interactive and supported with case studies from a variety of sectors and industries – private and public. They will cover:

-          An exploration of the experience of power within the organisation and the human and organisational implications, when traditional power structures are removed

-          The importance of connecting and re-connecting with our nature and nature in general for a new form of human and organisational empowerment

-          The integration of all aspects of being within a professional setting - working towards a greater sense of wholeness, towards natural and intuitive powers of influence  

We will also offer the experience of walking a labyrinth as a place for reflection, inspiration, sharing and finding solutions.

co-creation, collaboration, compassion, emergent design, generative dialogue, holacracy, learning to listen, mindfulness, nature connection, peer-to-peer self-organisation, social networks.

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