F001. Do I need to have an account in Conference Website?

In order to submit your extended abstract or to register to the Conference you need to have your own account in the Conference Website.


F002. How to create my user account in Conference Website?

1) In order to create your user account select the option “Create an account” on the login menu of this Website or follow this link.

2) You will be asked to specify an account name, a password and an email address.

3) After your account has been created you will receive an email, in the email address you specified, asking you to confirm your request. Follow the indicated link to activate your account and login to the platform.


F003. How to submit an extended abstract to the Conference?

Note: All extended abstracts will be double blind peer reviewed. Please delete any references to authors in uploaded files.

In order to submit an extended abstract to ARTEM OCC 2017 you should follow these steps:

1) Login with your user account (If you don’t have one see how to do it in FAQ F002).

2) Under "My Space" area, located in the left area menu of this website, select “My submissions” and click on “Submit an abstract” button.

3) Follow the 4 steps process: Metadata, Author (s), Files (please clean all authors’ information before uploading the files), and Overview.


4) After completing this process you will receive a confirmation of your submission. Please keep this reference to any question related to your submission.

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