SUB-THEME 1: Activity theory: Creative and sustainable organizational approaches to learning and development

convenors: Denise Shelley Newnham, Ellen Carm, Silke Geithner


SUB-THEME 2: Chances and challenges of sustainability in designing cyber-physical production systems for humans

convenors: Jens Krzywinski, Christian Wölfel


SUB-THEME 3: Connecting creativity and sustainability via human body: Re-creating creative and sustainable organizational bodies through body-based management learning

convenors: Takaya Kawamura, Anne Pässilä, Sue Mofat


SUB-THEME 4: Design management, design thinking: a dynamic capabilities perspective

convenors: Brigitte Borja de Mozota, Hyo-jin Kang, Jieun Kim, Kamil Michlewski, Mourad Chouki


SUB-THEME 5: Expansive learning in collaborative projects: Participatory action research as facilitator of collective creativity and sustainability models

convenors: Alain Antoine, Olfa Gréselle-Zaibet, Philippe Lecomte, Elise Marcandella, Delphine Wannenmacher


SUB-THEME 6: Natural science and sustainable behaviors

convenors: David Wasieleski, Ernst Fehr


 SUB-THEME 7: Organisational theory and change dynamics for sustainability

convenors: Rodrigo Lozano, Sjors Witjes, Sandra Caeiro, Sigurd Vildasen, Adriana Buhovac


SUB-THEME 8: Sustainable management and sustainable finance

convenors: Andreas W. Rathgeber, Stefan Stöckl, Tobias Gaugler


SUB-THEME 9: The power shifts in the emergent ways to manage change creatively and sustainably

convenors: Florian Rustler, Caroline Pakel, Alun Hughes, Andy Bradley


 SUB-THEME 10: Transdisciplinary and intercultural innovation for sustainable development

convenors: Stefan Huesig, Julien Bucher, Heike Wörner, Henry Wissink


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