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 Vera Ivanaj is a French-Albanian painter, born in Albania in 1967 and presently living in France. In her aesthetic practice, Vera Ivanaj explores complex philosophical concepts such as life, energy and movement. Her creation is essentially abstract in nature and inspired by the great masters of painting such as Picasso, Miro, Kandinsky, Delaunay, Soulages. She questions the unity and uniqueness of human beings manifest in a dynamic equilibrium combining thought, action and emotion. The artist mixes drawing and painting, by flowing between cognitivism and aesthetics. She’s interested in major social concerns such as sustainable development, equilibrium and development. Her artistic approach is both reflexive and intuitive. Vera Ivanaj uses a wide range of features, lines and symbols to communicate to her audience her vision of a sustainable world, which is positive, dynamic and colorful. Various past and present actors are placed in a setting, relationships are built and then used to give the observer a small taste of her perspective on mind. The artwork is carried out via the release of the internal energy, the meeting with our deepest “self”, changing and moving forward continuously.


Vera Ivanaj has an extensive academic background. She holds a Ph.D. in Social and Human Sciences and is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Lorraine, Nancy, France. She uses transdisciplinary knowledge gained through significant international experience in teaching and research in both France and the US. Her areas of research and expertise span the areas of philosophy, aesthetics, psychology, sociology, and management. Her work is published nationally and internationally via a multitude of books and academic papers focusing on art and aesthetics, sustainable strategies and education.


“City of angels”, “Construction-Deconstruction” serie,

acrylic on canvas, 120x100cm, 2016


The creative dynamic

 The unconscious marry the conscious in a wedding of eternal polarities. Moving everywhere and being in a perpetual evolution and transformation. The invisible, the imperceptible, the intangible, the crisis, the chaos, the mind, meet the defined, the true, the organized, the logic, the reasonable, the hardware, through our real body envelope, which is source of material and energy, able to make choices and take action to build a better world.


Solo exhibitions

2016, February, Gallery “Passionartly”, Luxebourg.

2015, March, Gallery “ARTEM”, Nancy, France

2013, March, Gallery of “University of Lorraine”, Nancy, France

2012, October, Gallery of “ICN Business School”, Nancy, France

2012, September, Gallery of “ICN Business School”,, France

2011, July, Gallery “Grand Hôtel de la Reine”, Nancy, France


Group exhibitions

 2016, September, Art show “Grenier des Halles”, Vézelise, France

2016, June, Art fair “Association des Artistes Lorrains”, Nancy, France

2015, October, Gallery « Château Centre Culturel », Saint-Max, France

2013, July, Gallery “Bora Baden”, Nancy, France

2013, January, Art fair “Association des Artistes Lorrains”, Gallery Poirel, Nancy, France

2012, July, Gallery « Bora Baden », Nancy, France

2011, December, Gallery « Atelier trente3 », Nancy, France

2011, April, Gallery « Éclat de Verre », Nancy, France



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Public press:

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