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Walking the labyrinth, 

a proposal to ArtemOCC 2017

By Caroline Päkel


“Solvitur ambulando”
(It is solved by walking)
St Augustine
Daemen College, Amherst, NY – 2015


 It provides us with the opportunity to think and make connections beyond ourselves

Why a labyrinth?
It is a place to rest, reflect, meditate, pray, imagine, create, problem-solve...
It is a place to “be” rather than “do” – it slows us down, there is always time in the labyrinth
It is a place that takes us on a path towards our selves. It’s a walk, inside and outside; alone and with others
It is a place that allow us to sense and understand beyond our rational mind. We know that we need to feel, sense and visualise as well as think to be at our most creative
It is an experience many remember vividly and fondly

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